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Promotions / Musician / Producer









Yon-Ferek AKA “Yon- Q” is a Professional Musician / Songwriter / Producer with an extensive background in Promotions and Marketing.

Yon has “Guerilla Marketing” techniques that he and his staff of “Global Marketeers” have helped many of today’s struggling artists create a strong buzz in the Underground and digital online sales. Because of the diversity of today’s internet audience and Yon having expertise in music Genres extending from Classical / Symphonic (mainly for movie scoring) and Jazz, to Urban Pop Contemporary and Hip Hop, his knowledge is a viable and well needed asset to the GNICK MUSIC family.

“Yon-Q has always had a great ear for Good Music and his creative input along with his marketing techniques has helped many artists, old and new, get to their next level of success!”….George Clinton …Founding member of P-FUNK (Parliament/ Funkadelics)

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