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Mz Veronica Lee

Veronica music is tapped as Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz. What is so incredible about her music is she is the type of artist that emerges in a culture that’s not comparable to no other artist. Veronica is a very versatile and prolific songwriter, singer and performer she will keep you engaged from the time she hits the stage.

While G Nick was signed to Flyte Tyme   Productions Jam * Lewis he was introduced to Shaffer C. Smith. From that point on G Nick produced 16 unreleased tunes. Known throughout the world as Grammy Award winning artist Ne-yo.

Rob Gee

“Robert Gee – The E.P.” currently released project which is currently nominated for a 2017 Grammy was Produced by G Nick. G Nick engineered, mixed, & performed synth bass, trumpet, keys, drums, etc for this project at G Nick Studios in Los Angeles CA. Robert Gee and G Nick met at G Nick Studios when he was hired as backing vocalist for Sy Smith session. This is the first of many collaborations for the two. Robert Gee is currently on tour with "Loose Ends feat Jane Eugene". Catch em as the opener for their show as well.

Jody Watley

Another introduction from Sy Smith - Grammy Award winning Jody Watley G Nick was hired to engineer her solo releases as well as the newly formed "Shalamar Reloaded" currently touring. Her groundbreaking 1989 cut “Friends” carved the template for both R&B/hip-hop and pop/hip-hop fusions to come, as it was the first time a rapper (the legendary Rakim, of Eric B. & Rakim) wrote original verses for an R&B/pop song.

Sy Smith

Sy Smith - G Nick and Sy Smith have been working together since 2006. A mutual acquaintance introduced them after hearing his solo release "Cherry Lane" project he was asked to engineer for Sy. Since then G Nick has engineered, mixed, mastered, performed trumpet on almost all tunes that Sy has recorded. Currently G Nick is assisting Sy on her first self-produced project slated for 2017 release. Sy toured with Whitney Houston, backing vocals for American Idols, and currently featured vocalist for Chris Botti.

Malina Moye

G Nick produced the tunes: "Are You The One", "Kyotic", & "Hustlers Blues" for Malina Moye's current project "Rock & Roll Baby" available everywhere music is sold. G Nick assisted with the shaping for the Malina Moye sound with vocal production and fusing R&B with a more rock edge. Also assisting with backing vocals and coaching was C J Emmons featured vocalist for "Dancing With The Stars" CJ Emmons and I have done many projects as well as his unreleased project that I produced.

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